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The SUPERPURE 20L Water Dispenser stands against a purple background, showcasing its clear filtration columns filled with multi-layered filters and mineral stones, ready for pure water dispensing in any home or office setting.

 SUPERPURE 20L Water Dispenser


"Compact and versatile, the SUPERPURE 24L V2 Water Dispenser offers a complete filtration solution with a sleek design, including filters and a mineral pot for purified water.

SUPERPURE 24L V2 Water Dispenser


Sleek SUPERPURE Stainless Steel Counter-Top Water Filtration Unit with attached faucet and GAC filter, set against a vibrant background with tropical leaves and decorative spheres.

SUPERPURE Stainless Steel Counter-Top Filter

Chic SUPERPURE Satin Chrome Shower Filter positioned on a rustic wooden stand amidst soft rose petals, enhancing your shower experience

SUPERPURE Satin Chrome Shower Filter


The SUPERPURE TAPURE Tap-Mounted Water Filter is showcased against a modern stone wall backdrop, flanked by fresh green plants, emphasizing clean water directly from your tap.

 SUPERPURE TAPURE Tap-Mounted Filter


"Under-counter water filtration system with dual-stage purification featuring a Granular Activated Carbon filter, designed for superior taste and water clarity.

SUPERPURE 2 Stage Under Counter Filter


Water Filter Jug on a luminous blue circular display stand, showcasing its sleek design and transparent build for clean drinking water at home

SUPERPURE 3.5L Water Filter Jug


Join our Affiliate Program

South Africa Thirsts for Clean Water, You Earn by Providing It

Promote Our High-Quality Filters & Earn Commissions - Join Today!

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SuperPure Appliance Filters

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SUPERPURE 14L Water Dispenser with Filters & Mineral Pot Open Box Deal on a checkered tablecloth with a lush green landscape in the background, showcasing an affordable option for clean drinking water at home.

Advanced Filtration on a BUDGET: Open Box Savings, Pure Benefits

SUPERPURE 14L Water Dispenser with Filters & Mineral Pot 

Clean, Convenient Hydration: Open Box Water Dispenser at an Unbeatable Price


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From skin and hair to overall wellness, discover how filtered water unlocks a healthier you.

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